In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Immortalized in Stone.”

Oh, here is another one of these prompts I am just not sure about.  I can’t imagine being immortalized in stone.

I am of two thoughts of how I might like to be immortalized.  The first one is simple.  I would like to be remember as someone, even through the last days of her life, remained a loving wife and mother, with perhaps a nod to  my beloved canines I’ve known through the years.

The second thought, perhaps more grandiose, would be a more symbolic rendering.  I’d like the stone to have a bit of bluish green in it.  The stone would be of me, perhaps walking out of a lake.  I’d want water incorporated in the form of a fountain, or maybe pouring over my head.  It would represent me being able to rise above the struggles I’ve had in my life, and not letting them overtake me.

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