Maybe since I’m not a man I just don’t get this.  I am at my kid’s eighth grade football game.  I hate to confess, but sometimes being outside lulls me into a sort of daze when my son isn’t playing.  Maybe it is my lack of knowledge that I don’t see every mistake our team makes.

This isn’t my son’s first football experience…but he still has a lot to learn.  Even I know that.  One would think though, that part of the point of pre-high school sports, would be to learn.

Some of the worst critics of the players are the grandpas!!!!  If my dad were still alive, I know that he would keep his mouth shut.

I’m a pretty quiet person by nature.  I’d never dare make any sort of remark about a player that wasn’t encouraging.  Maybe if I was watching a Patriots game I’d make a few disparaging remarks about Tom Brady….but he isn’t a thirteen year old.

My son has had his second experience ever playing back up quarterback.   Again he has a lot to learn.  As it is evident to everyone else, even I can tell he has made a really bad pass.  One of the grandpas makes an overly dramatic “What the hell was that…doesn’t he know how to throw the ball?”  Then his daughter(mom of a player) says “Who is 54?  I though so and so was going to play quarterback.  Why isn’t so and so quarterback”  I then said “I’m 54’s  mom” and it took much restraint not to tell that guy off.

At this point I would think any criticism of my son, or rearranging of the lineup would come from the coach.  I guess grandpa and his daughter don’t think so.