In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.”

In this prompt we are supposed to write about something or someone that got away from us, and what we perhaps could have done to get what we wanted.  I tend not to think about “if onlys”.  I have made a few mistakes in my life which I regret.  On the other hand these mistakes took me on a circuitous road which led to me meeting my husband.  I can’t ever imagine my life without him, or the kids we have as a result of our marriage.

Still though, there were times in my life when I remember getting messages that I’d be better in some way if I changed myself.   Some of these messages were about fairly superficial things.  Other times I think others wanted me to whittle away my essential self and replace it with something more to their liking.

When I was in college I dated M.  M and I got along great, for a while.  Then he started making little hints here and there about how I could improve myself.  Different clothing, dermabrasion and fixing my disastema.  All the while he hinted we might marry someday.  Very confusing.  What is a diastema you is a fancy name for the space between your front teeth.  According to Wikipedia, at one time in history, gap toothed woman were thought to be more lustful.  Who knew.  Even though I’d already had braces a small gap remained.  I wasn’t sure what M was thinking when he made those remarks….for one at that point in time I wouldn’t have had the money to fix it.  But then I also wondered, if you find my diastema that unattractive, why in the hell did you ever pursue a relationship with me?

A few years after that, because of some other dental issues, I ended up having the diastema fixed.  How is that for irony?