Classroom Crush

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.”

My first crush’s name was Joe.  I ‘m not sure when the crush started but I think it ended when I went to high school.

Joe had wavy black hair and big brown eyes.  He was always as tall as I was…eventually taller.  A guy being taller than I was, that was always a bonus.  I was always mortified as a girl being taller than many of the boys.

We always were assigned to sit near each other.  He was super smart.  At some point he picked up on how much I liked him.  Then he started mocking and teasing me.  At that point you think I would have lost interest, but I still pined away for him.

He was an altar boy at Mass. In class I wore my assigned uniform of white blouse and plaid skirt.  To look at us, we were your average clean cut well behaved kids of the Catholic variety.

One of my last memories of interacting with him was at a mixer type dance. He asked me if I would like to dance with him.  I said I would.  Then he walked away and we never danced.

We went to the same high school but I moved on to other crushes.

If I saw him again I don’t think I would say anything.  What would be the point?


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