I am supposed to start training someone at work soon.  Days of training.  Having someone at your side for 8 hours straight.  Well he doesn’t have to be at my side for 8 hours straight.  I’ll pretend to have tons of confidence in him and send him off to do tasks independently.  Having to explain and make lots of conversation.  Yay.  He is someone I already know, moving in to a new position.   Why does this task fall on me, when plenty of others could surely do it.  I’m sure one of my coworkers will be upset that she doesn’t get to train this somewhat strapping young man.   While he might be somewhat strapping he is also somewhat needy at the same time he thinks he knows everything.

If I had some hidden talent like quilting or writing bestsellers, now is the time I wish I would show itself.  I’m not a good schmoozer and the workplace politics make me a little weary.  I’d like to work away in a room without having to talk to anyone.  Oh wait, if I were a writer of bestsellers, that means I’d have to book tours and deal with publishers and actually schmooze and talk to people.  So much for that strategy.

I deal with people all day long at work.  Sometimes that can be exhausting for a misanthrope like me.

Don’t worry, on the appointed day of training I’ll plaster a smile on my face and act like I am a cool collected font of knowledge.

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