Back to school..junior high edition

Summer is over and the two kids are back to school.  I’ve got a senior in high school who drives…thus I could skip her back to school activities .  Sort of bittersweet in a way.  Next year I’ll only be doing this with one kid.

For the kid in junior high I accompanied him to the back to school day where he registers, gets his picture taken, and of course, the parents pay lots of fees.  It is a bit of a clusterf* trying to get too many kids through in too short of a time.

I see parents that I haven’t seen in a while.  Time for the fake smiles.  I see a kid I call Tball.  Do you make up names for people?  I do sometimes.  Past made up names include Brillo Pad and Fanny Pack.  We’ve known Tball since before kindergarten.  We met him  at T-ball league for kids of preschool age.  I’m sure Tball is a lovely kid, he just has parents that haven’t raised him well.  Even as a 4 year old Tball and his parents thought the whole experience should be about him.  After T-ball we see Tball later in lots of other activities managed through the parks and recs staff.  The staff aren’t ever sure how to handle kids like TBall.  Tball should have gone to the same elementary as my son.  His parents decided to move before kindergarten so their kid could be around a better class of people.  LOL.

My son is an eighth grader this year.  I see him chatting with his friends and I amazed how much they have all changed.  I don’t remember the boys being that tall when I was his age.  Perhaps some of the boys were redshirted, I don’t know.  If you aren’t familiar with the term redshirting in this context, it means to delay starting kindergarten a year so the kid as physical and intellectual advantages against his peers.  Not something we ever considered.  Some of the boys even have a sprinkle of peach fuzz….eek!  Not having any brothers, watching my son grow up seems like a bit of a mystery.

My son has signed up for football.  This wouldn’t have been my first choice of sport but he has been very passionate about it, so what can you do.  I think we are weeks away from games but the parent are invited to watch a special practice(code for a money making activity for the booster club).     They run plays and do drills.  Apart from knowing who seems to best be able to throw the ball and catch the ball it is all a big mystery to me.  I nod my head when my son asks me if I saw such and such play…even though I haven’t a clue what he is talking about.  I should know more as this isn’t his first year playing football.

3 thoughts on “Back to school..junior high edition”

  1. I’m terrible at football. In school I played soccer and ran track. So also, I never had to learn how to properly throw a football. I never thought about this as an issue until I moved to Germany. As “The American”, I’m supposed to be able to play (and teach) all American sports to my curious German friends. If the embassy were aware of what I was struggling to do, they would take away my passport and never let me return to America.


    1. That is funny. When my son first started getting interested in football he used to beg me to play catch with him. Of course I was lousy. At one of my son’s games a dad who was born somewhere where American football asked me to explain the rules…I politely told him he’d have better success asking someone else.

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